Making the world a better home

The industrial age that changed the world has reached its limits. Today, we need a new, but equally significant, global transformation.  As a trusted organization we, at Saint-Gobain, are committed to MAKING THE WORLD ​A BETTER HOME.​

Our customers rely on the passion, expertise and diversity of our teams ​to overcome their toughest challenges. They value our unique, safe and innovative solutions, enhanced ​by digital technologies and customized services.​

​We strongly believe SAINT-GOBAIN CERAMICS will make a material difference for generations to come. We will leap beyond ​the traditional compromise between performance and sustainability; we will join forces with our customers, ​suppliers and partners to improve life experience for all. ​

Saint Gobain

Saint-Gobain Ceramics comprises Saint-Gobain’s businesses specialized in ceramic-based solutions for industrial clients. Our solutions range from grains and powders, through hierarchically structured pellets, single crystals, specialty refractories, ceramic components and systems to services such as ceramic materials recovery and recycling. At the heart of industry, we pride ourselves in serving segment-leading customers across the world, through long-term, trust-based relationships.

Saint-Gobain Ceramics brings together the world's leading specialists in technical ceramics with an unmatched arsenal of technologies that has allowed us to partner with our customers to solve their most difficult challenges. As we face the new and the most important challenge of Making the World a Better Home, we have an exceptional level of resources that can be unleashed to transform our customers and even the world around us.

Ceramics Six Grand Challenges

Ceramics 6 challenges

Saint-Gobain Ceramics has identified six Grand Challenges:


  • Circular Economy
  • Electrification
  • Connected Objects & IOT
  • Reduced Carbon Content Solutions
  • Human Well Being and Healthcare
  • Security and Safety

We believe that all of the Challenges are not only critical for our long-term growth but more importantly to Our Purpose.

To accelerate innovation of new growth opportunities not only in our core businesses but also in our Grand Challenges we will be collaborating and maximizing resources across Saint-Gobain and with our industrial clients.

To Learn More about the six Grand Challenges and our New Horizons Team

Ceramics Segmentation

Saint-Gobain Ceramics offers a unique experience to industrial clients. We have reach across the globe and combine vast business knowledge and expertise to deliver a robust and vertically integrated offer for end-to-end ceramics solutions.  To best target our customers needs, Saint-Gobain Ceramics have built 5 Core Competencies which we leverage in all segments of our business.  



SEFPRO is the only refractory group worldwide fully dedicated to and streamlined for offering top-of-the-line refractory solutions specifically to the Glass Industries. SEFPRO Care is your dedicated partner for your furnace repair and will provide both cold and hot repair solutions. Learn more:



Specialty Grains and Powders

Saint-Gobain Specialty Grains and Powders designs and manufactures tailored material solutions for our customers, worldwide. Our advanced ceramic materials solutions enable our customers to meet the toughest application requirements in a broad range of markets
Coating Solutions
Surface Conditioning
Abrasive Materials 
Boron Nitride




European leader of refractory waste management for glass & technical ceramics industries. Transformation of all types of refractories into secondary raw materials which can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications : refractories, concretes, mortars, abrasives, ceramics, additives


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Performance Ceramics & Refractories

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories deliver refractory solutions for metallurgy and other non-glass applications, and structural ceramic systems for various industrial applications

Performance Ceramics & Refractories



Saint-Gobain NorPro is the world’s largest supplier of merchant catalyst carriers. This includes the newly developed Accu®sphere carrier brand for small size spheres.  NorPro is the leader in spherical and shaped support media for fixed catalyst bed applications. The Denstone® brand of support media is widely utilized in petrochemical, gas processing, refining and chemical plants all around the world to provide consistent, worry-free support of catalysts of all sizes and materials.


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Saint-Gobain ZirPro, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ceramic grinding beads, blasting and peening media, zirconium oxide powders and zirconium chemicals, offers engineered, high-performing zirconia-based materials for demanding applications across the globe.


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Advanced Ceramic Composites

Saint-Gobain Quartz has nearly a century long of experience manufacturing state of the art silica fused fibrous products as well as mica-glass composites. We, at Saint-Gobain Quartz, are dedicated to serving a large range of industries (Aerospace, Railway, Semiconductor, Electronics etc.) with high level of service and product quality. Please come and discover our offer.

Advanced Ceramic Composites