Ceramic Materials
Saint-Gobain Specialty Grains and Powders

Saint-Gobain Specialty Grains and Powders  is the global technology leader in specialty abrasive grains, refractories, beads, powders and chemicals, used in a wide range of industrial applications.

The department is also the market leader in segments targeted such as abrasives, molten steel pouring, specialized milling, hard disc drives, ceramic materials for coatings and targets, cosmetics and diversified applications where its technical material expertise offers value to the customers and to the business.

Specialty Grains and Powders competes with operational excellence in lean manufacturing, quality, service and reliability of supply, and innovation/co-development relationships.

Every products and services are built on material platforms that include alumina, zirconia, ceria as well as diamond and silicon carbide, offered directly by Saint-Gobain Silicon Carbide.


Saint-Gobain Abrasive Materials is a world leader in the production of highperformance Abrasive Grains serving the needs of bonded and coated abrasive producers as well as other industry applications such as blasting.


The activity product focus is upon Abrasive Grains of the highest performance, including high purity and monocrystalline alundums, zirconia alumina, and seeded gels.



Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials is a renowned worldwide leader in the production of hexagonal Boron Nitride materials.


The product range includes over 100 different grades of powders, many grades of hot pressed solids and composites, liquid coatings, and planar diffusion sources and serve market segments from semi-conductor to aerospace and from steel to cosmetics.



Product portfolio includes ceramic and metal powdersRokide® rodsmetal wiresflexible cords and Ekonol® polyester powder.


Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions also provides plasma spray equipment, portable flame-spray guns, and other coating, welding, brazing tools and most recently, introduced Magnetron Sputtering targets used to produce thin films in building glass, photovoltaic, and flat panel display applications 



Surface Conditioning is an industry leader in the development of environmentally friendly, biodegradable coolants, lubricants, abrasive slurries, cleaners and specialty particles including: diamond, cubic boron nitride, cerium oxide, aluminum oxide & zirconia for use in a wide variety of industries (to lubricate, grind, lap, polish, cut or clean).


The Surface Conditioning group is represented by :



Refractory Zirconia activity has provided its customers with a localized service and high quality electro-fused monoclinic and stabilized zirconia (calcia, magnesia, or yttria) for refractories and insulation applications, molten metal filters, investment casting molds.


Saint-Gobain Refractory Zirconia also offers high quality fumed silica that is utilized as a performance enhancing additive in castable refractories or high end cements.



Saint-Gobain ZirPro is the expert in zirconia-based products for industrial applications. From its worldwide manufacturing, commercial and research facilities, ZirPro serves its customers through long-term and trust-based relationships.


ZirPro markets a full range of zirconia-based ceramic beads for the milling of industrial products including paints, pigments, mineral fillers, precious metal ores, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, as well as surface treatment media with a wide range of applications (automotive, aeronautics, consumer electronics, tableware industries).